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Product Market Research &
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Product market research is the most crucial step before entering any business, in any new market, or before launching any new product in the online marketplace. Gain knowledge about how demanding the products are in the marketplace, what is the competition, what would be the lowest and highest price, it is all necessary and required to study before setting up any business. Although product development is creative and productive, but it also requires a systematic approach to guide the process that is required to bring a new product to the marketplaces. At Ketsaal, we have a framework that helps to structure the actual development of the product.

About US

Ketsaal is a team of 100+ associates, managing ecommerce market place seller account for more than 500 sellers. We are one stop shop for all market place services. Ketsaal is run by top B-School graduates. Our team owns online portal management for sellers so that they can focus on more important activities of their business. Our team not only take care of customer service (buyer-seller message, seller feedback, AtoZ Claims) but also work on boosting sales month on month. We ensure that your account is in good health, catalog is optimized to deliver good organic & paid sales and sponsored ads are maximizing sales at optimal ACoS


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Our Success Story

When our e-commerce account management services began, we had one client. Within five years, we helped them grow their e-commerce sales by improving their product positioning and exposur. E-commerce success depends upon the seller’s ability to effectively configure and manage their products. Profits and measurable returns on investment are accomplished through strategic thinking, careful planning, and thoughtful execution. This is where our e-commerce account management services come in. With years of experience working on Marketplace, we can develop and coordinate your e-commerce strategy with insightful business solutions to help increase sales and profits.

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