Ways to Market your Franchise Brand

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If your aim is to target the right audience for your franchise, you will have to use these marketing tactics to advertise your franchise business at a good speed. One of the most successful franchisors are able to break down the six pillars of marketing. Advertising, Direct Mail, Sales, Promotions, Public Relations and Online Marketing so that they can fine-tune their business for better and sustainable results.

Below mentioned are the most important aspect that will help in marketing your franchise brand-

  1. Advertising –

We all know the importance of advertising for franchise business for the sale is no different from any other. We will have to take care that the ads we run are on all the mediums like print, electronic, social media and more for better approach in the present times that are much advanced and fast growing.

  • Direct Mail –

An old school yet effective way of marketing about your product, its service, effects, benefits, how to use, discounts and much more can be passed on with the help of direct mailers. As the advent of technology we must not forget that E-mails are almost each man’s need and marketing with drip emails, newsletters can be of great help.

  • Sales –

An effective sale process is must for any business. Be it franchise system or traditional front of a venture. Person to person sales, phone sales and more can turn out to be a great weapon when spreading a word of mouth about your product in the masses.

  • Promotions –

Traditionally speaking promotions are imparted as awareness and excitement in the marketing message. 24-hour sales, sweepstakes, giveaways, special events, customer appreciation dinners, these are some of the biggest example of the same. A tactful franchisor uses the perfect amalgamation of traditional and who knows how to buy a franchise will use technological promotions to uplift his or her business.

  • Public Relations –

This one factor, which cannot be denied for it is one of the biggest tool when we are talking about marketing a franchise. The relations that we intend to have with our immediate and third party public makes us fall into a good or bad position in the eyes of the people. PR campaigns should be on top of your list when you talk about effective marketing plan for a franchise model.

  • Online Marketing –

Many of the franchisors are very new at online marketing. However, this is the need of the hour and is the game to be the big shot in the franchise business venture. Back in the times, the marketing over online front was difficult and it did not had a huge audience. On the other hand, in times today, the case is an absolute shift.

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